There are Seven Equipment that must be in the Car

Post On: 22 July 2016
July 22, 2016

There are Seven Equipment that must be in the Car – For those of you who own a car do not forget to always carry objects car tooling required when something happens on the way. So that later you do not feel confused when there is no service station along the road when your car broke down.

There are Seven Equipment that must be in the Car

When driving a car, we’ll never know what would happen to the car. Therefore, it is important to always be alert to things that are not desired, such a strike, engine fire, punctures, etc. that was an emergency.

To overcome it all it’s good car owners have a number of tools that can actually help. Quoted from Popularworld, following seven tools that must have in your car.

Steering wheel lock

Make sure you always carry a steering wheel lock while traveling to reduce the risk of car theft.


Punctures so one of the problems that often haunt the car users. Therefore, in addition to carrying a spare tire, make sure the jack is also brought to simplify the process of replacement tires.

Jumper car battery

The presence of the battery jumper is very important to overcome the problem of the car broke down due to the electrical system. For that, do not ever forget this one device when driving.

Mini air compressor

Utensils that must exist in your next car is a mini air compressor. Imagine, if your car tire suddenly deflated (not leak) happened not carry spare tires and no wind are also artisan contents. Yes, these tools one would be very helpful.

Fire extinguisher

Due to one reason or another, your engine may experience a sudden fire. Therefore, be sure to always carry a fire extinguisher in the trunk of your car. Ensure that all the conditions are still good.

safety triangle

In emergency conditions, safety triangle has a very important function. Its presence may provide a signal for other motorists to be careful when crossing your car that was stopped in the middle of the road. Put the tool about 10 to 20 meters behind your car and make sure the position is not blocking the way.

tool kit

Tool kit so tooling is required to have in your car last. The multipurpose tool can help you in repairing the vehicle quickly and easily.

Well, surely now you already understand. Do not forget to always control the condition of your car to keep it in good condition while on long trips due to anticipate things that are not desirable in the way

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