This is the Most Efficient Car in the World

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July 27, 2016

This is the Most Efficient Car in the World – The car uses gasoline or diesel. The fuel must be loaded into the car in order to avoid breaking down in the middle of the journey. But you do not need to complain if it was wasting money to refuel because currently there is a car to save fuel.

Some students of the team TU fast Eco, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, managed to make the most efficient electric car in the world. The car was tested at the Audi test track in Bavaria earlier this month.

The most efficient electric car

Tests conducted over several weeks to determine how far the tiny car design can roam using a small electric motor powered. The result obtained electricity consumption of the car is 1,200 kilometers per kWh.

When converted to kilometers per liter, the level of efficiency of the car is 11096.2 km / liter. This figure is a record high for the world successfully created. Thus quoted from Autoblog.

The secret is in the electric motor and a battery that keeps them develop. This car is actually made since 2014 and been included in the competition arena economical vehicles Shell Eco-Marathon. Since then the team continues to research to improve its efficiency.

This car only has three wheels and a capacity of one person. Se-aerodynamic design is made possible to improve agility on the road. Therefore do not be surprised if to drive it, the position of the driver as the person sleeps. This is because the car is designed extends to the rear and not wide or high.

Similarly, the placement of electrical components designed to support down force. In addition, the material is made of carbon fiber that is very light but strong. Well, if you spend a lot of car petrol or wasteful not to worry. Because there are several types of cars to save fuel and save your spending

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