Turns Toothpaste Shiny Can Make Auto Glass

Post On: 29 July 2016
July 29, 2016

Turns Toothpaste Shiny Can Make Auto Glass – To maintain and care for the car to keep it looking new and nice you can do it yourself at home when there is spare time. You do not need to bring a car to the garage to update it so that it looks new.

No one knows if the toothpaste seems to have had the benefit to solving problems with the favorite car. Not only that, a dab of soap which is normally found in the home, could also be a solution to make a car shine.

toothpaste to Auto Glass

According to Koko, penggawa Seven Signature, car care salon in Jakarta, toothpaste can be used a car owner to remove mold on the glass. How live just apply on the glass that contained mushrooms.

“Usually mixed with a little water, then stay rubbed. But, do not try to direct everything, because toothpaste is easy to dry, so it can cause the crust. If too much is also the effect is not good, because there will be a rainbow on the glass,” said Koko to VIVA. co.id.

While the soap, he said, is useful for cleaning tires. This method is often done by many people because dirt removal process faster. “If the car’s tires using polish, definitely dirt easily attached and polish the tires during the washing process it is also not easily lost, disposable eating soap,” he said.

Not only that, liquid soap for washing clothes can also help you to clean cabins favorite car. “I use liquid soap to clean the upholstery fabric material and plapon. Pretty easy, apply on the stain and scrub with a toothbrush,” said Koko.

Overcome glass beret

Moreover, as reported by Carcare, toothpaste apparently also be applied to overcome the problem of scratches on the windshield. The easy way, namely by applying toothpaste on the glass smooth berets. After that drops a little water in a location that smeared toothpaste.

The next step, take a soft cloth and wipe the area that has been applied toothpaste in a circular motion. If completed, immediately rinse with clean water.

The next action is to dry them using newsprint or patchwork. You can see the difference after applying the toothpaste in the windshield that previously experienced berets fine.

But of course, this method is not valid for the glass that has scratches deep enough, let alone have suffered cracks in the glass. This method can also be applied to remove the lines in the headlamp.

Well, now you already know how to take care of the cleanliness of the car correctly. Do it as often as possible to maintain smooth the way, especially when traveling in traffic, you will feel comfortable in the car. Good luck

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