How to Easily Create More Efficient Motor Fuel

Post On: 1 August 2016
August 1, 2016

How to Easily Create More Efficient Motor Fuel – The motorcycle uses gasoline or diesel. The fuel must be loaded into the car in order to avoid breaking down in the middle of the journey. But you do not need to complain if it was wasting money to refuel because currently there is a motor to save fuel.

Having efficient vehicles in the affairs of the fuel consumption would be the dream of many people. Especially with the current fuel price is quite expensive.

Save motor fuel

Many people then set the strategy and look for information about the ways that consumption of gasoline vehicles can be more efficient. No exception bikers.

The following matters should be noted that the motor is more fuel efficient, as submitted mechanics Current Motor is located in West Jakarta, Chandra.

Set to close the valve motors. How that can be used to save fuel by transforming the valve. This is done to adjust the mixture of fuel and air will enter the combustion chamber.

By placing the valve on the motor, then the valve openings to be narrowed, so that bursts of gasoline would be less.

Lubricants. Lubricants are well able to make the engine performance more lightly, and can maintain the compression of the engine perfectly. This will make the machine work more optimally so that gasoline can be more efficient. Routine oil changes are recommended as a step to keep the system working machines.

How to drive. To be more fuel-efficient, using the motor should be more stable in opening the gas lever and also accelerate the speed of the motor.

Check the tire pressure. If the air pressure is less, the fuel would be wasteful, because it takes extra energy to turn the wheels.

Load when riding a motorcycle. Avoid installing accessories of motor excessively, because it can make the weight of the motor increases. Do not transport goods and passengers in excess with the motor, due to the heavy load on the motor certainly, makes the engine work harder. Well, if you spend a lot of motor petrol or wasteful not to worry. Because there are several types of motors to save fuel and save your spending

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