Ready to Roll, It Changed in Recent Mirage

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July 18, 2016

Ready to Roll, It Changed in Recent Mirage – Having a private car is very pleasant when the family traveled together need not be confused because it can all participate and enough in one car. But this time, because too many vehicles released will make the road becomes extremely jammed.

Japanese automotive manufacturer, Mitsubishi, officially introduced the latest look from New Mitsubishi Mirage to a number of journalists in Indonesia. The official launch to the public in the country itself had been due will be made in the next few weeks.

Located at the headquarters of PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian (KTB), in Pulomas, East Jakarta, along with several other members of the media were given the opportunity to see more clearly the figure of New Mirage. The photo opportunity was not spared a number of media used to observe changes in the embedded in the city car.

Certainly, the public to ask, what has changed with the New Mirage? In this article, the editorial will describe the changes to the exterior of New Mirage.
Mirage latest edition comes with a face that looks sporty, different from its predecessor. Sporty impression, thanks to the extra grooves on the hood and rear bumper.

Ready to Roll, It Changed in Recent Mirage

On the hood, this new car has a visible indentation line upward. The hood gets a touch accent and made more aerodynamic lines with the new grooves. While the previous model, on the hood, there are no extra lines as the new model.

The front bumper design also now looks more closed. In addition, in the front bumper are also chrome accent that stretches on the cover of fog and makes it different to the previous model which did not have the chrome accents on the front bumper.

Of units prepared Mitsubishi for a photo session, were not stuffing Daytime Running Light (DLR) in the headlights. Mirage is different from the recent slide in Thailand recently. Of the listed unit, the main light using a regular projector.
New Mitsubishi Mirage.

Glancing to the legs, Mitsubishi appears to have half-rim hanging embed new design is more aggressive, and more recent spoiler design looks sharp as shark’s fin. Of course, very different from its predecessor, in which the previous models, the Mirage using ordinary rims.

Mitsubishi is also visible adding chrome accents on the Mitsubishi logo. Unfortunately, PT KTB has not yet been willing to submit the specification interior and engine specifications that will be used later, including the kitchen spur affairs. Well, for those of you who want to buy a car and still find references surely now you’ve found the answer to getting a dream car

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