Many Still Wrong About Battery

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August 4, 2016

Many Still Wrong About Battery – An electric cell in which there takes place a reversible electrochemical process with high efficiency. Inside the battery can last the process of converting the chemical into electric power.

Do not be mistaken about electricity if do not want some of the components to be damaged due to shorting. Yes, especially for those who have already upgraded audio, and replace the battery (battery) which is greater capacity in order to keep it from electricity shortage.

Battery Vehicle

Whereas it is wrong, because the battery only as a container to hold power, not as a conductor of electricity. Well, if batteries are used in accordance with the alternator working system, the electrical system on the car will be shorted, as excess power.

According to Marwan, the official Honda mechanic, functions as an electric storage battery only when it is needed, rather than as a supplier. Because the battery is not working alone, they are interconnected with other components.

“Because of the current flowing in the whole of electrical components produced from round alternator which converts the energy into electrical current movement in both directions,” said Marwan when talking with

According to overcharge the battery if it comes to be inflated, and other potentially damaging electrical components. “To set the power intake alone there the device the regulator, he works so that electrical flow is not excessive,” said Marwan.

To the solution, do not ever change their only one of the two components. “It is better to replace both the battery and alternator also if you want to have power intake above the standard factory. Because the two components are mutually continuous, “he continued.

Well, for those of you who have a vehicle and would like to continue to exist with your vehicle correctly and properly take care to keep it looking like new and with new engine

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