Tips to Clean Down Car Without Damaging Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Post On: 4 August 2016
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August 4, 2016

Tips to Clean Down Car Without Damaging Anti-Corrosion Coatings – Having a car does have a lot of risks anyway, and to renew it costs quite a lot. Many of the problems experienced by the owner of the car from dust, flooding, mud.

Generally, every manufacturer enveloping anti-rust coating on each under the car makes. This was done to provide protection from corrosion due to the material body or under the car was made of iron or plate material.

Clean Down Car

In addition, anti-rust coating it is also useful for consumers who live in coastal areas that have been clear-clear waters have very high salt levels that can accelerate the corrosion process.

Well, then how when you wash it under the car does not damage the layer of rust?

According to Koko, penggawa Seven Signature being car care salon, when cleaning it under the car is certainly the first step using steam. Because you can get spray water tight for removing the dirt.
He added that if it had been sprayed with clean water, you can apply a special shampoo to wash the car body or a dab of soap is a little harder. “If you use a car shampoo does not work either, can use soap,” he said when contacted, Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Having applied a dab of soap gets under the car, you still need the media to clean it. “Use the sponge material is rough, dirt let it fall out easily when rubbed. If after rinsed, there are still patches of dirt caused by soil or asphalt clinging to use other means, “he said.

According to him, the mineral water was just as deposited alone, so even soaps that are still fairly soft. If that way still stubborn dirt, can use other methods that use liquid HF.

This friendly man explains, is the content of HF is very hard, but if its use is actually very easy once the dirt is gone. “Because of the cleaned plate material is still safe to use HF, but not too much as well, because it can damage the skin of the hand,” he said.

How to use it, is still the same with an all purpose cleaner mixed with water, the comparison still more water. “If the water is less, potentially damaging the skin of the hands. But this is a powerful way to eliminate the most stubborn stains on it under the car, and do not damage the layer of rust, “he said.

Well, for those of you who do not have time to bring the car to the garage when a problem occurs, you can do it yourself at home using household materials with easy and practical

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