Want To Buy A Used Car? Note Four About It

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August 7, 2016

Want To Buy A Used Car? Note Four About It – Many car companies are creating a new car, but it does not cover the problem for people who want to own a car. The new car with used cars have different prices, there are some people who prefer to choose to buy a used car

Although car manufacturers have launched many new products, but there are also people who prefer to buy a used car. The reason is obvious, used cars are more affordable.

Tips for used car

However, buying a used car also has its own risks. Therefore, the status of a used car is certainly the conditions offered also vary. It takes extra precision so as not to be fooled when buying a used car.

This time, VIVA.co.id ask a used car dealer, a few tips to consider before buying a used car. One of them Ady, marketing used car dealership Dynamic in WTC Mangga Dua, Jakarta Pusat explained that there are several things that must be considered.

“There are some things to consider when buying a used car. It keeps users do not be fooled when buying a used car and used a car to avoid flooding or collision,” said Ady to VIVA.co.id.

The first thing to consider before buying a used car, according to Ady is to check the engine components. Pay attention to the sound of the engine and also the former rust in the engine. Because the used car collision will be visible indentation mark on the hood of the car. If there is a gap that is a too tenuous grill on the hood of the car, you need to be vigilant.

“Second, note the body outside the car or exterior, used car quality is still good, usually paint is still original, clay also grooves on each body panels to see the car second-hand collision or not, the car is a used collision will be visible scar,” he said ,

Third, try to do checks to the authorized repair shop before buying a car. This is according to Ady, conducted to determine the history of the disease that you buy a used car.

“Just check to the authorized repair shop, or accompanied by a mechanic when buying a used car. Otherwise, consumers can test drive to find out the condition of the car. Test drives conducted to check parts of the car’s suspension, the legs of a car who want consumers to buy,” he said ,

Lastly, check the history of a used car vehicle mailing letters to be purchased, such as a letter BPKB, vehicle registration, and purchase invoices. Match back in the engine number and chassis number listed on the car as the one mentioned in the official papers or try to check directly with the police. Those things are important to avoid a car that is not legal status.

Well, there are several reasons the car that was used by the person to be resold. for those of you who want to own a car and are planning to buy a used car you do not have to worry anymore about the problems that the car.

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