Talk Toyota Cars Name Meaning Calya

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July 18, 2016

Talk Toyota Cars Name Meaning Calya – Very many cars are issued by several countries and a trend the public. But with it also can result in a negative side for semi many cars were removed. A government program to bring environmentally friendly cars or Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC) does make a great business opportunity. As PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) that take advantage of this program, because soon TAM will officially introduce Toyota Cayla to the public.

Toyota claims Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Toyota’s newest seven-passenger will be a product that can meet consumer demand for family cars with a fairly exactly cheap.

Talk Toyota Cars Name Meaning Calya

According to Henry Tanoto, Vice President Director of TAM, who met his office in Jakarta, for the moment he could not say much about Cayla. He said, these products within days ahead will be launched in the country. Calya name related to the election, he said was taken from Sanskrit.

“So wait alone until then. If Calya name we choose, because it means perfect derived from Sanskrit. We expect this car does is the perfect car to answer the needs of consumers who need this type of car like this,” said Henry.

Henry hopes, Toyota’s latest product is great hope that one can answer the needs of consumers in Indonesia. “The hope is that first, every new vehicle is launched will answer every need of customers Toyota,” he said.

“So in general, this will be a positive contribution to Toyota, because the segment is big enough. Later we covered well, just to calm lah new product, we definitely let you know,” he said.

Just to note, the information obtained from a variety of editorial, Toyota Toyota Calya will be released next month, ie August 2016. This car was original to be sold with the official start of Rp129 million to Rp149 million up to the standard type for the most luxurious types. This car will compete fiercely with the Datsun GO + Panda which first seek his fortune in the classroom LCGC, seven passengers. Well, for those of you who have a car and want to increase your car collection, of course, you can add a reference to this article

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