Want to Know the Price Latest Vespa? this is the list

Post On: 7 August 2016
August 7, 2016

Want to Know the Price Latest Vespa? this is the list – Vespa is one type of motorcycle that has the shape of a scooter. Vehicles of this type have been very popular and has many unique which makes the price more years of increasingly expensive. Rarely do people who have this motor vehicle

PT Piaggio Indonesia (PID) in May yesterday launched four new products that use I-get machine. This is done to give consumers the choice in Indonesia.

Unique motorcycle

Besides increasing new product, PT Piaggio also opened a new dealership in Pondokgede, Bekasi. Consumers Area in East Jakarta and Bekasi more easily get the product from the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Currently, Indonesia has several variants Piaggio Vespa and Piaggio. Both are products that have different segments.

Speaking of price, the scooter-scooter Piaggio and Vespa scooters are not cheap. Do not expect a motorcycle which cost Rp 15-20 million as scooters Japan.

The average price of Vespa and Piaggio already above Rp30 million. This is because the product is trafficked is a production of Vietnam, thus affecting the selling price.

Following the latest price list Piaggio and Vespa sold with the status of on-the-road in Jabodetabek:


S 125 Rp29,9 million
Sprint 150 i-get Rp38,5 million
Primavera 150 3V Rp33.4 million
Primavera 150 i-get Rp36.5 million
Primavera 150 i-get Masterpiece Rp46,67 million
LXV 150 IE 3V 35.9 million
GTS 150 3V IE Rp42,9 million
GTS 150 Masterpiece Rp55,5 million
GTS 300 Rp160 million
Emporio Armani 946 Rp196 million


Liberty 150 ABS i-get Rp35,7 million
Liberty 150 ABS S i-get Rp36.3 million
Medley 150 ABS i-get Rp44,2 million
Medley 150 ABS S i-get Rp44,9 million

Well, for your motorcycle enthusiasts who want to add a collection of unique motorcycles at home, you can buy which has many unique Vespa. Of course, you must have a reference price for the Vespa so that no one buys and feels satisfied

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