Easy Ways to Make R25 and Ninja 250 More Toned

Post On: 7 August 2016
August 7, 2016

Easy Ways to Make R25 and Ninja 250 More Toned – For motorcycle riders or lovers, they more often and prefer to modify the bike. But there are some reasons why the motor modifies, one of which is that the motor can run faster than the other. Due to the male prefers the motor at high speed and fast until the goal.

For those who have mounts Yamaha R25 or Kawasaki Ninja 250, can utilize the info on this one. Yes, want to change the bike becomes tighter bathtub racing bike was not necessary to scrape machine.

Modify Motor More Toned

According to Dirjo, mechanical in Anjany Racing, to get a gallop on the R25 and Ninja 250 can be done by replacing the large valve, exhaust, and piggyback.

No need to make the engine capacity to swell to the size of the piston, as it is sensitive when used daily. According to him, if the daily setting only with the specifications in the standard 250 cc racing class.

“For the standard valve Yamaha R25 ex-size 19 and in 22, we turned into ex 20 in 24. Since this is the ideal size, and safe for daily, because not too extreme. Even already meet the standards of the standard 250 cc class race,” Dirjo said when talking with VIVA.co.id.

According to Dirjo, if for camshaft be able to use some of the products on the market.

“We also have and are already in a custom-cost Rp2.9 million, while prices make big valve Rp2 million and it is included ported polish. For fare setting 500 thousand,” he said.

“Because the volume capacity of the engine is not changed, but the injection system must also support order entry and exit of the fuel according to chill. But it does not change the larger injection port because we already ported polish on his head,” he explained.

Ignition affairs remain to be coupled devices other racing. One of them could use a piggyback power commander that cost 4.8 million.
“Because it’s normal that the motor wants increased performance, automatic ignition system, and the fuel bill should be the maximum,” he said.

According to Dirjo, if the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) replaced its setting may not be met, so it is the better-coupled device just like the piggyback racing.
“If you already use the piggyback and large valve so that its setting is accurate, we use auto tune. For setting the ignition and injection system is more easily obtained, that we apply in all our motorcycle racing,” he explained.

Well, for those of you who have a motor as described above, you can make the motor becomes firmer without having to bring to the workshop with an expensive cost. If it can be handled easily and does not require much cost why should bring to the workshop

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