List of Motor is the sale price down, At Honda and Yamaha

Post On: 9 August 2016
August 9, 2016

List of Motor is the sale price down, At Honda and Yamaha – Today many people prefer to sell their vehicles for their needs, and buyers mostly preferred to buy a used vehicle does not choose a new one. And if we buy a used, there are some obstacles which we have never seen, the reason they are used bike prices are cheaper than buy new.

Engine performance and design are one reason people buy a motorcycle. However, there are other things that make consumers interested in buying a motor vehicle that is desired, such as the sale value remains high.

Sale Price Honda

Hobbies changed vehicles or quickly bored makes some consumers choose vehicles that have a resale value remains high. Then, the motor what has a low resale value?

Based on data collected, there is a number of a motor that it dropped a lot when resold. Honda and Yamaha are also included in the list.

According to Rudy, the owner of the dealership selling used motor Rudy Motor is located in Jalan Plot Police Block C-716, Jelambar, West Jakarta, virtually all brands of motorcycles have loyal consumers, although some are less in demand in the market.

“Average motorcycle brand that has a loyal customer. If the price of the motor, depending on the price of spare parts as well as easy to obtain spare parts for these motors,” said Rudy to

When asked about the return of the motor sales price down far enough compared to the purchase price, Rudy said, all brands must have that model.

“All the used motor average down. However, there are some brands that sell the return value fell more than others, because it is less desirable. As Suzuki Address and Suzuki Shogun,” he explained.

Here’s a list of used motorcycle prices dropped a lot of resale value:

Suzuki Nex, 2013, Rp7.5 millions
Suzuki Shogun 2008, 6 million
Suzuki Thunder 2008, Rp 5 million
Suzuki Address 2015, 9.5 million
Suzuki Skywave 2008, 6.5 million
Bajaj Pulsar 2013, Rp7.5 millions
Yamaha Byson 2013, Rp13 million
Kawasaki Athlete of 2010, 5 million
Honda Verza 2014 Rp12 million

Well, for those of you who own a Honda and Yamaha want to sell then you may feel a loss, because every year the price of the bike ride, and if we sell then the price will be down much.

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