Motorcycles eccentric, moving With two wheels

Post On: 9 August 2016
August 9, 2016

Motorcycles eccentric, moving with two wheels – the most advanced the technology is also increasingly sophisticated human hands to create something that can be useful and has many benefits for humans. Helped with sophisticated technology, a creative and smart man who can channel his work.

Motorcycles generally use the rear wheels to move forward. However, there are several companies that make motor design with two-wheel drive, front, and rear.

Motor useful for human

One of them as the motor of this one. Reporting from Boldride, a modification of the Russian company has recently introduced their latest product named Taurus 2×2.

This motor is attracting attention because it has a tire width and design like a motorcycle adventure, the two-wheeled vehicle is claimed to be able to traverse any terrain.

Taurus was developed in Russia as an off-road vehicle. Carrying capacity of 210cc four-stroke engine derived from the Honda GX-210, the motor is capable of reaching a maximum speed of only 35 kilometers per hour.

Speeds achieved quite low because the system relies on two-speed transmission only.

Having a large body with a two-wheel drive system, Taurus claimed to be able to cross the cobblestones, even muddy river.

Developed into a vehicle that can run on any terrain, Taurus is expected to be a versatile bike for the owner.

Officially on sale, the motor eccentric is available in only one variant. However, buyers can ask for mounted lights, electric starter, and battery, with a record weight of the motor, will increase four kilograms.

Unfortunately, Taurus is only sold in Russia for now. Nevertheless, the company that invented the motor is promised to sell to various countries around the world began to end in 2016. Well, for those of you who want to have a vehicle like that and can reduce your workload, can afford in order to facilitate your work and can produce many benefits

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