Why Oil should routinely replaced?

Post On: 9 August 2016
August 9, 2016

Why Oil should routinely replace ? – Engine oil is a fluid / fluid inside the machine that serves to protect the machine when working, supporting the engine performance and avoid damaging the engine when the engine is started.

Such as cars, motorcycles also rightly get the proper care that engine performance can be maximized and not easy to strike.

vehicle oil change

Maintaining the vehicle’s engine does look easy, but in fact, there are still many users who are negligent servicing, including changing the oil regularly.

The function of the oil as a lubricating and cooling the engine components. Without a good oil, engine performance will not be perfect. Of course, when oil changes are ignored, this can be a moment of your motorcycle broke down on the road.

“(If oil ugly), the supply of oil to the engine will be blocked and engine parts that move will wear,” said Henry, mechanical Jaya Motor in Pondok Bambu Jakarta, some time ago.

He added that other harmful effects when the oil is not replaced damage to engine components such as cylinder heads so that the motor had to go down the engine.

“The function of the oil on the engine as the engine coolant. If the engine oil has been a drag, oil can not lubricate the engine to the maximum,” he said.

If the motor has been damaged, the cost is very expensive compared changing the oil regularly. The cost could reach Rp800 thousand, depending on the motor which will be corrected. In fact, the service and oil change at only 100 thousand.

So, which is better, changing the oil regularly or overhaul?

Well, for those who have cars and almost every day use, remember to always care for and maintain the engine in order to stay nice and comfortable while driving, do not have to worry about in the middle of the journey. Especially for motor oil, you have a routine to replace it in order not to strike when in use trip

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