Risks of Use Water Coolant if Radiator Dirty

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August 11, 2016

Risks of Use Water Coolant if Radiator Dirty – Each vehicle has a machine tool different and has different functions. As radiator, radiator heat exchanger is used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another purpose to cool down or heat up.

Radiator fluid has more functions that drain the cold temperature of the radiator to the engine room than regular water. But keep in mind the use of water coolant can also make the engine overheat.

Water Coolant Radiator

According to Rahmatullah Rahmat Motor mechanics, water coolant can remove impurities or slag in a radiator. The use of water coolant in the car more than 10 years old and needs to be watched. The dirt that comes up can lead to blockages.

“The dirt is lifted from the radiator is usually often clog the capillary tube in the radiator or water jacket,” said Rahmat told Okezone.

Therefore he suggested that car owners check in advance if you want to replace the radiator plain water with a water coolant.

If the condition of the pipe looked clean by the look of the radiator cap, water coolant can be directly filled. But if it should, then the radiator must be drained completely. As a reminder, the drainage is done by removing the upper radiator hose. Under hoses poured water directly from the tap.

“Importantly, once dislodged his thermostat. This prevents the accumulation of debris on the thermostat. Besides that the drains are not blocked because of the nature of the thermostat closes when the temperature is cold, “he explained.

Furthermore, to ensure the condition of the radiator is clean or not, look at the water coming out of the radiator. If clear, the radiator is clean. After that, the coolant water is safe to put.

Well, for those of you who have a vehicle and would like to continue to exist with your vehicle correctly and properly take care to keep it looking like new and with new engine

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