Explanation Behind Design Luxury & Elegant Mitsubishi XM Concept

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August 11, 2016

Explanation Behind Design Luxury & Elegant Mitsubishi XM Concept – Every car company must have issued a homemade product with a design as possible and certainly different from the others in order to compete with luxury cars are a favorite of many people.

Luxurious and elegant appearance small car crossover MPV Mitsubishi Concept XM raises the question, whether the car is worth aligned with other small MPV which is already marketed in Indonesia. In addition, the design of the car is its strong aroma crossover.

Design Luxury Mitsubishi

Commenting on this, Corporate General Manager of Design Office of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) Tsunehiro Kunimoto explains that the design represents the desire of consumers small MPV in Indonesia.

“So I’ve been several times to Indonesia and have met and talked with some of the small MPV consumers here. I asked what their expectations, as well as of course, do their own research to capture what their expectations of a small MPV. There is an answer that consumers want something higher that previously had never felt on existing products in Indonesia. They prefer high-class products, more luxurious, more comfortable, and so forth. So I’m sure because it was taken from the input of consumers, these products will be accepted by the people of Indonesia, “said Kunimoto in Mitsubishi Motors booth, ICE, BSD City.

Matter of taste ‘SUV’ on XM Concept car, he explained that the DNA SUV has become the identity of Mitsubishi products from time to time. This is seen as a value or a bonus in the product’s small crossover MPV.

Furthermore, he explained, the design of the SUV had been developed. If the first SUV that tends to be rigid, rectangular or square, then after combined with other model designs, it looks more elegant.

“Back when the first exit, square and boxy SUV shape, and then developed. As time went on to form a crossover. Then in-blending again with the shape of the sedan so they can make an SUV in coupe form. So the SUV market itself is now widespread. Just like Indonesia, functional of a minivan or MPV is needed by consumers still have the functionality MPV but plus or there is a bonus with a body that is more powerful, able to provide protection to passengers, and has the effect of a design that gives the impression of a vehicle that is strong and resilient, “said the man who had served as Vice President of Nissan Design America’s.

Interior Mitsubishi Concept XM still carries the family car design. The aroma is very subtle luxuries in it. It can be seen from ivory color selection and the design of the dashboard is the transmission lever. While the exterior looks sturdy and elegant seen from the front, side, and rear.

XM Mitsubishi Concept production model will be produced and sold at the end of 2017 in Indonesia. Expected Mitsubishi XM Concept is already closer to the production model will be displayed in GIIAS 2017.

Well, if you think you have more money and are planning to buy a new car. Do not miscast because with such errors will make the discomfort while driving

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