Calya-Sigra Present, How Fate Datsun Go+ Panca ?

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August 12, 2016

Calya-Sigra Present, How Fate Datsun Go+ Panca ? – More and more companies are making new products, the competition between a company getting stronger. Of course any car company not to be outdone by a brand new better output and quality.

Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) a historic moment the birth of new products a collaboration between Toyota-Daihatsu, namely the twins Calya-Sigra. In this exhibition, visitors will be relieved from the curiosity of cars with a capacity of seven passengers.

Calya-Sigra Car

However, the presence of Calya and Sigra is touted to be a booster product in this class, namely Datsun Go Panca which has a 5 + 2 configuration.

Nevertheless, Head of Datsun Indonesia, Indriani Hadiwidjaja, apparently did not want to question the existence of a new product.

Instead, he stated, Datsun will always welcome any new players.
“We see this is a really good potential for the segment LCGC, eventually evolving. Because before there is progress, but the progress does not match expectations, “said Indri, when met at the GIIAS 2016, BSD, South Tangerang.

Not only that, Indri apparently have other expectations with their new products from competitors, not disturbed, but with the increasing cost of environmentally friendly car class, or Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC), then it will be more developed.

Indri said that, when viewed from the positive side, the increase in class LCGC new product, there may be a shift toward consumer appeal LCGC. “Given the focus can switch from the market have never noticed LCGC now be highlighted. So, we see a (new products Calya-Sigra) market grow, “he said.

For Toyota Calya itself currently priced from Rp129,65 million to 150 million, while for Daihatsu Sigra Rp106,6 million to Rp148,9 million, and Datsun GO + Panca Rp94,6 million to Rp118,45 million.

Well, for those of you who plan to buy a car need not be bothered and confused to choose what brand of car. you have to have a lot of references to not one choose as a dream car

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