How to Charge Battery Hybrid BMW i8, Live Plug

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August 14, 2016

How to Charge Battery Hybrid BMW i8, Live Plug –  more and more people who do not want to lose to her, they seemed to compete for excellence. Having a private car actually has many advantages to traveling with the family. But if every family a taste of street car would have filled with cars jamming up to several meters long.

BMW i8 electric car

BMW Group Indonesia officially launched the BMW i8 in Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) commencing.
Well, this is the first time BMW brought a plug-in hybrid technology in the vehicle line-up.

Plug-in hybrid sports sedan, which first appeared in the movie Mission Impossible also incorporates a three-cylinder engine fueled with a capacity of 1,500 cc twin turbo fitted to each wheel to get a different energy.

For the front wheels, the gasoline engine to channel the power up to 231 hp and maximum torque of 230 Nm. As for the rear-wheel drive, electric motors of hybrid technology to distribute up to 131 Hp.

Well then, auto batteries required electric motor is to be in top shape so that the energy is channeled not reduced. Although the electric motor automatically will recharge the battery when the car is brought road.

But, for maximum results, BMW already provide chargers or Yag-called wall box to charge the battery. Then how the method of filling?

Ariefin Makaminan, Training Manager BMW Group Indonesia, explained, for wall mounting box in your home or apartment, BMW will bring a special mechanic. This tool has been set when the purchase of a car. Later, when charging the battery to full there are several ways, and all arrangements were in the car.

According to him, there are several modes for charging a battery, such as electricity in your home or apartment is not impossible, just position in the condition of a maximum of 16 amperes. If it were so the time required while charging only 3 hours the battery is full.

He added, while if the state of electricity is not possible, there are still other ways. “We could be setting in the low position. Later charger or wall box can adjust the power intake is needed, if the low position of the filling can be up to 5 hours, “he said.

Not only that, if the battery is full will color in the circles in the car charger plugs to be green, while yellow is still half that if red means already weak. However, if the battery is full and you forgot to unplug the charger, it does not matter.

Although used lithium-ion batteries, because the theory should not be over-charger, which can damage the components inside. He asserted that during charging, the car does not automatically accept incoming power, but he would ask the appropriate capacity, so the battery safely.

He added, while if you forget to unplug the charger and the battery position is already filled with a color indicator is green it safe. “Automatically electric current will be disconnected, so there is no incoming power if the position has been filled,” he said. Well, if you spend a lot of car petrol or wasteful not to worry. Because there are several types of cars to save fuel and save your spending

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