Suzuki is ready to launch the latest Inazuma motors

Post On: 19 July 2016
July 19, 2016

Suzuki is ready to launch the latest Inazuma motorsSuzuki is one of the names of companies that have the best-selling products and sold quickly in the community. Suzuki has many models and types that can compete with the others.

More recently, Suzuki announced the launch of its newest product in the two-wheeler sector, namely VanVan 200 which was originally marketed in the United States. Retro style bike it will be a fierce contender Yamaha TW200.

Suzuki is ready to launch the latest Inazuma motors

Apparently, not only VanVan 200 are released, there are two other motors are ready to be launched Suzuki two-wheel division. Two motors were namely, Inazuma GW250 and TU250X 2017 edition. Thus was launched the Motorcycle.

Which attracted the attention of the public in the country is certainly Inazuma GW250. Therefore, the motor is later sold in Indonesia. From these reports, the latest Inazuma GW250 will be marketed in dozens of countries. It is not clear which countries will get sales from this latest Inazuma.

Clearly, Suzuki claims if the latest Inazuma will come with the style, performance and comfort are more qualified than the previous edition. This naked style motorcycle comes with a higher chassis, as well as the more sporty style.

This motor is mentioned to be present with plentiful torque in its class. For business kitchen runway, Inazuma GW250 2017 edition of the liquid-cooled engine equipped with its 248cc, two-cylinder. To carburetion fuel, has adopted the injection.

The chassis is designed can make this bike agile can certainly be an option to use, both in urban traffic as well as long-distance open road.

This motor is outside are projected to be sold with the tag of US $ 4,099 or equivalent Rp53,9 million (Rp13.157 per US dollar exchange rate). Well, for those of you who want to own a motorcycle, no need to rush in matters of choosing. Make sure you have a reference to get more data

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